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♦ Solar Power System

What is solar power generation system?

The Solar power generation system consists of solar panels, connection boxes, power conditioners, indoor distribution boards, wiring connecting them, a platform for installing Solar panels, and an energy meter for measuring the amount of power generated.

We convert ""solar energy"" to DC power with solar panels, convert DC power to AC power with power conditioner, and make it available at home. If the amount of Solar power generation exceeds the amount of electricity used at home, surplus electricity can be sold to a power company (when the system capacity is less than 10 kW). If the system capacity is 10 kW or more, you can sell all the generated electricity.

What is the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels?

Manufacturing methods are different, generally Monocrystalline are more expensive and expensive. Polycrystalline is relatively inexpensive, but losses between crystals are many, and performance is lower than monocrystalline.

[ Method for Producing Monocrystalline ]
Using a Monocrystalline seed rod, pull up a columnar Monocrystalline from liquid silicon for a long time while rotating it.

[ Manufacturing method of Polycrystalline ]
Put the melted silicon in a mold and make it at once. Therefore, it is not a single crystal but a mass made of many crystals.

Is there a storage battery function in the solar panel?

Solar Panels themselves have no storage capacity. Please use Panasonic's power storage system when storing electricity. We have systems that you can choose according to your way of living. Please see here for residential energy storage system.

Does the borrowed light of the solar panel become the problem?

In recent years, examples of installing Solar Panels in the direction of the north from the installation space etc are also found, but in that case, there is a danger of ""reflected light"" being inserted in the neighboring houses, so when installing the Solar Panels , The influence of reflected light must also be taken into consideration. Reference material: ""Prevention of reflected light trouble of Solar power generation system"" For reflected light from non-residential Solar power generation facilities, detailed examination is required depending on the installation location. Please refer to the following as an example of the correspondence.

Reference material: Pay attention to surrounding environment (reflected light)

Is there an effect on the amount of power generation due to contamination of the solar panel?

If dust and dirt are attached to the surface of the solar panel, the amount of electricity generation may be reduced by several%. In the case of Japan, it is said to be washed away with regular rain and wind, and to recover almost to its original ability. In general residential areas, dirt such as garbage and dust is washed away by rain so there is almost no need to climb the roof and perform daily cleaning from the aspect of safety. However, oil floating matter adheres in areas adjacent to roads with heavy traffic, etc., and in some cases it is not shed by rain alone. In the average urban area, output reduction due to dirt is less than about 5%.

Is the possibility increase the capacity later?

If there is room in the power conditioner capacity, modules with the same part number and same serial number can be added. If the capacity of the power conditioner is not enough, a new system configuration is required.

Is there an influence of the installation orientation?

The direction is 80 to 85% for east / west facing and north facing is not recommended if south facing is 100%. The angle varies depending on the area, but it is southward and about 20 to 30 degrees is efficient.

What is the area required for installation of Solar power generation system?

For a 10 kW system, when installing on a roof, the installation area of a solar panel is about 70 to 100 m² and when installed on the ground it is necessary to be 140 to 200 m².

What kind of place can install?

Generally anywhere electricity can be generated where the sun's light hits such as the roof of the building or the roof, wall, or idle land. Solar cells have almost constant power generation efficiency regardless of their size, so you can freely choose the scale of power generation. However, depending on the structure and strength of the building, the site of land may not be installed, so please consult us once.

Do generate power cloudy days and rainy days?

Although it is less than a sunny day, it generates electricity. With cloudy weather, the amount of power generation will be 1/3 to 1/10 of fine weather and 1/5 to 1/20 in rainy weather.

What if the snow falls?

In the state where snow is stacked on the solar cell module, it generates little power.

* Note*
Snow cover slips down the glass surface of the solar cell module at a stroke just by slightly melting. In the snowy area, consideration to avoid installing on the roof side facing the road / neighboring house / garage is necessary. Please consult us about solar cell module installation site and measures to prevent snowfall.

What is the impact of big shadows?

When a thin shade (shade of mountains, buildings, trees, telegraph pillars, etc.) is applied to the solar cell, the power generation amount decreases but it does not become zero, and it is about 1 / 10-1 / 3 by the scattered light from the surroundings I will generate electricity. However, when installing, it is important to adjust the circuit layout so that shadows are not shadowed on the solar battery as much as possible, and shade is inevitable, so that the shade does not extend over multiple circuits.

Are there consumables?

Solar power generation systems do not have rotating parts or driving parts and do not need to refuel fuel, so there are no consumables to replenish or replace on a daily basis.

However, there are parts that may cause aging, so it is necessary to replace it if there is a problem with maintaining the system.

How to maintenance and inspection?

Inspection as electrical equipment is necessary. (*)

The frequency of periodic inspection is as follows. For details, please contact the dealer's sales office.

- For general use (less than 50 kW (output capacity) / less than 50 kW (contract capacity))
- Low pressure linkage: Detached house, small factory, office etc.Periodic inspection At least once in 4 years
- Private use (50 kW or more (output capacity) / less than 2000 kW (contract capacity))
- High pressure linkage: school, factory, etc.  
- Receiving and transforming equipment: once every two months to once every 6 months
- Panel and power conditioner: once every 6 months

♦ Car port with solar system

Don`t know if carport can be installed

The most reliable method is to request on-site investigation (free). We will ask you to survey at home, so you can tell if you can install it at that time.

Is there a necessity of notification when installing?

Construction confirmation application is required. We will prepare necessary documents for each case and substitute for application.

♦ Hybrid pole

What is hybrid pole?

It is a combined power plant that generates power from multiple sources at the time of power generation (Point Of Use) that produces electricity and can be used immediately. It is a power production system of "local production area disappearing type" that utilizes clean natural energy, and it becomes an independent self-generating electricity combined function street light which does not require commercial electric power.

What are the merits to install?

Stable power generation is realized regardless of day and night, season, etc. Steady power supply is possible because wind power can be used on bad weather days and weak day wind can be generated with sunlight. You can save electricity charges for industrial use (factories, buildings, companies) as well as general households without waste. A hybrid power generation system combining wind, solar and storage batteries can use electricity even if power outage continues over the medium to long term in the event of a disaster.

How big is it for installation?

When installing a tower for installation from the ground, it is necessary to have a foundation work and it is possible to install it if it is about 1 x 1 m in width.

Is there a necessity of notification when installing?

ARCA handles various equipment, and there are things you need. When confirmation application is required for installation work, we prepare necessary documents and apply for proxy application.

What is the ideal location condition?

- When installing on a flat ground

  • In the case of a small wind turbine, check for obstacles within a radius of 400m.

- When installing on a roof or mountain top

  • Most preferably, it is installed on the summit or ridgeline.
  • As much as possible, it is better than half of the middle of the roof.

- When installing on or near a building

  • When installing in the windward direction of the building
    … Space twice the height of the building.
  • When installing in the leeward of a building
    … at least 10 times the height of the building.
  • When installing on a building
    … Place it at twice the height of the building.

"Small Wind Turbine Handbook" (Power Company) From the literature


♦ Storage battery

How long is the life span?

It will be over 5 years at 2000 charge / discharge cycles. It changes according to how it is used. Please contact us.

Where should it be installed?

Small capacity (less than 5 kW) is possible indoors.

Warranty period?

The equipment is 1 year, the battery is 5 years basic. Please inquire in detail.

Is maintenance necessary?

A maintenance contract is required separately.

Is it possible to install with the solar power generation?

Is possible. ARCA recommends it as a hybrid system for effective utilization of natural regeneration energy.

Is it possible to use it without solar power generation system?

Is possible. Please contact us.

How many serial / parallel connections can be configured?Also please tell me the capacity at that time.

Capacity can be 100kW unit. Please specify voltage etc.

♦ Mobile battery

What is a Mobile battery?

Generally it is a portable battery that is used for charging smartphone etc.

How many times can charge the mobile battery?

Depending on the type of battery used, it is about 300 to 1000 times.

How many times can charge from the mobile battery?

It depends on the battery capacity of the device to be charged (smartphone etc.).

What is the lifetime of mobile batteries?

The number of charge / discharge cycles is a standard.

♦ Electric scooter

Do need a license?

You can drive with a licensed motor license or higher.

Is it necessary to register?

It is treated as 1 kind of moped (same scooter of 50 cc or less). It is necessary to acquire a number and to have a mandatory vehicle liability insurance policy.

What about taxes and insurance?

In the case of 1 kind of mopeds, it costs 2,000 yen per year as light motor vehicle tax. The mandatory vehicle liability insurance premium charge takes 9,760 yen in 24 months. (As of July, Heisei 20), we recommend to join optional insurance as well.

Is exhaust gas or noise coming out?

You will drive with an electric motor. Exhaust gases and noises do not come out.

How many km can run with one charge?

Depending on driving conditions, traveling between 40 and 50 km is possible.

How much will the electricity cost be charged by one charge?

It is about 20 yen at one charge.

How is charging done?

It can be charged with a household outlet (100 V). Using the supplied charging cable, connect the bike and the outlet. It can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours.

♦ BeauLet®

How can I buy it?

Please contact us first. We will respond in any country including our agent's introduction.

Is there the handling in Japan?

There is also handling in Japan.

Can anyone install it?

Is possible. How to install on the homepage is posted on the website. However, please contact a specialist if there is no outlet etc. If electric construction is required.

What type of toilet can you attach?

It depends on model. Please refer to the installable dimensions of each model.

Can I change filters on my own?

Is possible. Remove the filter unit after draining and replace with a new one.

How frequent the filter shall be replaced?

It is necessary every 6 months to maintain filter performance.

Can you wash it?

You can do it if it is water wiping degree.

What should I do if a breakdown occurs?

Please contact the dealer you purchased.

About adoption

Are you recruiting new graduates?

High school, vocational school, those who are expected to graduate from university (undergraduate / departmental inquiries)

Are you implementing mid-career recruitment?

We are carrying out. First of all, please send me your resume and job history.

Please tell me the flow of mid-career recruitment.

Please send resume, job history record. It will be the flow of interview after document selection.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Those who can thoroughly think and practice User First. Those who can think and act according to their own. Those with a challenging spirit. Those who can communicate positively.

Are there any application restrictions for age or nationality?

At our company, no age, sex, nationality etc are required at the time of application and selection. For foreigners, we will support procedures for obtaining work visas.

Please tell me more specifically what kind of job you would like to recruit.

Interpretation, accounting / general affairs, sales (solar light・storage battery・international business department), SE, 3D cad engineer

Are there benefits?

Regular medical examination (once a year) · Family allowance (maximum 25,000 yen) · Commuting allowance (up to 20,000 yen monthly) · Bonuses twice a year (June, December)

Please tell me about your holiday / vacation.

Weekly 2 day system (biweekly), annual paid leave days after 6 months 10 days / summer vacation, year-end and new year holidays.

Is there a business trip?

Regardless of assignment, there are domestic and overseas business trips as necessary.

Is there a business allowance?

Yes. It is 1000 yen for domestic business trip as a daily allowance and 1500 yen for overseas business trip.

How about the assignment of newcomers?

We will assign you seeking hope, aptitude, expertise.

Please tell me the age group of the employees.

Although it is wide from 20's to 60's, many young people in their 20's and 30's are active.

Is there a retirement payment system?


Please tell us about the solar power generation construction result and scope of activity.

Starting with low pressure (50 kw or less) construction, Mega Solar also has numerous achievements. We mainly focus on Tohoku, but if you have a request, we will receive it anywhere in the whole country. We will continue to work overseas in the future.

Please tell me the atmosphere of your workplace.

ARCA currently works (as of April 2017) for 16 people (China, Sri Lanka, Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, India) for foreign recruitment. Under the promotion of diversity in recent years, it is a workplace with a very bright and active atmosphere toward globalization.

Please tell us the activities of the International Division.

When I was traveling around Asia at the sales of hot-water toilet seat, I came up with the reality that supply of electricity was very dangerous. The local people first knew that electricity was a matter of course, and thought that it was necessary to design and construct power plants and storage batteries. Now we are working on overseas deployment of major domestic businesses centered on hot water washing toilet seat sale.

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