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Who we are Looking for?

Those who are willing to spread the use of Renewable Energy.

Do not worry even if you don’t have any professional knowledge before joining the company, you can motivate after entering the company, if you have ambitions.

We are a company that makes proposals closely related to our lives, such as Energy Creation and Energy Saving through merchandise such as Photovoltaic Power Generation and Storage Battery. This time, we are looking for an increment in number of staffs for future business expansion.

Our Specialities


Regardless of domestic or overseas customers, we provide the one-of-a-kind products according to the needs of customers. “Originality”, “Technology”, “Global” are the keywords to enhance development capabilities and overseas expansion.

Active in Overseas Development

We are devoted on spreading Japan's unique culture of Intelligent Toilet to the world. In addition, we propose the refined know-how of Japan in the field of photovoltaic power generation and accumulator, for overseas power shortage areas.

Spirit of Challenge

We are always looking for something more than our founding, flexibly responding to changes in the times and creating many products. We believe that the spirit of challenge of creating innovative and distinctive products is also our strength, and it is becoming the driving force to create history.

Recruitment Informations

Position Full-time employee
Salary As the company rules
Allowance Family Allowance, Business Trip Allowance, Transportation Allowance etc.
Salary Increment Twice a year (July, January)
Bonus Twice in a Year (June, December)
Work Location Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi
Work Time 8:40 am-5:30 pm (Break 1 hour)
Holidays Twice in a week (Saturday biweekly and Sunday)
Insurance Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension, Employment Insurance, Compensation Insurance
Welfare Regular Medical Examination (Yearly),Children Support Allowance (first child/¥15,000, From the second/¥10,000)

Recruitment Inquiries

Zip-Code: 981-3629
30, Tekunohiruzu,Taiwa-cho,Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi-Prefecture, Japan
TEL: 0120-09-7396 (Department of Human Resources & General Affairs)

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Zip-Code: 981-3629
30, Tekunohiruzu, Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi-Prefecture, Japan [Access Map]
TEL: (+81)22-725-7396 / FAX: (+81)22-725-7397

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